Mid Valley Church @ 3rd Street Center



  • The Bible: The Bible was written by men who were divinely inspired by God. The Bible is truth without error.
  • God: We believe in the Trinity. The Trinity consists of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The trinity is one God in three persons.
  • Humanity: Humanity is the special creation of God. We were created in God's image and are unique in creation for that reason.
  • Salvation: We believe that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ. His death, burial, and resurrection made a way for humanity to come into an eternal relationship with God.


Lead Pastor: Lance Norton

Lance and Staci have been with Mid Valley since 2015.  Both Lance and Staci grew up in Duncan, OK.  Lance attended the University of Oklahoma, while Staci attended Oklahoma State University.  Lance has been in ministry for 15 years, most recently working as a church planter in Wales, United Kingdom before coming to Mid Valley.  Staci works for 20/20 Eye Care in Carbondale. 

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